Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Mailbox I send my letters in? It's the one ON FIRE!

Heyyyyyy Kids! It's Open Letter time again! Yaaaayyyy!

(But really Boooooo! Because these are always written to ASSHOLES!)

Dear Crazy Bitches,

Why Ya'll gotta be trippin'? And if Ya'll MUST trip the fuck out, can it at least be kept away from my friends and loved ones? ... No? No you can't do that for me? Ah. Well then. Fuck you. Fuck you so very very much.

Crazy Bitch the first, the bitch of last season, the bitch who I had to keep a LID on my raging hate-on for MONTHS before mentioning at all. Why the wait you ask? Because your shitstorm swirled so massively out of proportion that you got the fucking LAW involved. That's right. The law. The po-po. The friendly men in blue. Was there any need for them? No. No there was not. Did you bring them in anyway? Of COURSE you did. Because nothing says "I'm stable and you should give me my way" like FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS!

Jesus weeping blessed Christ on a buttered biscuit! There is a thing we have in the sane corners of the world called ENOUGH SHAME TO NOT DO THAT SHIT! What you claimed to have happened? That is serious SERIOUS shit. That is not something you "cry wolf" over just because you're feeling pissy. That is something so horrible and life-changing and unthinkable that I should slap you into next week just for THINKING about putting your crazy lying ass on the same level as real suffering victims. Victims who get doubted and second-guessed JUST BECAUSE of shit like what you pulled! This is why we can't have nice things!

Crazy bitch the second, bitch who is both old and new at the same time. Seriously? Fucking seriously? The nicest, humblest, most giving person I've ever met on the world wide internet is "truly evil" and you suffered for eight years in an "abusive relationship" with her? Can you hear what you are saying? Can you SMELL the bullshit as it tumbles out of your mouth?

It's like I went to bullshit Vegas and sat down to play a few rounds on the bullshit slots. I pulled your lever and... DINGDINGDINGDING! You've won the bullshit jackpot! Have all the bullshit ever in a glorious cascade of suck! WHEEEEEEEE! Fertilize the whole world, kid! Twice! You've got MORE than enough of this to spread around!

Seriously. Shut it. I'm up to my knees in this shit now.

With absolutely no love at all,

A very disgruntled me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Because I'm a Crazy Person, That's Why.

So... it's April first, and no I do not observe April Fool's. In fact, unless your prank of the day has been harmless and clever, such as Google Maps going 8-bit and Deviantart flooding it's website with cat propaganda... then fuck your prank. Fuck it in the ear with a chainsaw. Upsetting pranks are for douche nozzles. Don't be a douche nozzle.

Mooooooving right along, I am officially a crazy loon. In spite of last years epic fail, I am once again throwing my hat into the break-neck paced ring of Scriptfrenzy. Why beat my head against the same wall again you ask? Because I have a plan. A sneaky plan. A sneaky plan to bring redemption to the weeaboo shaped stain of pure concentrated AWKWARD I dropped on the internet back in high school.

Click here to witness my shame. SSSSSHHHHHAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!

All this month I'm gonna strip that old sucker down, junk the bad parts, polish the good parts, and make something actually readable out of it.

Wish me luck folks!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun with Facebook Timeline

This is what happens when I get a silly idea stuck in my head :3

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why I've failed to blog daily.

Alternate Title: "Multi-World Pile-Up on the Imagination Highway."

I like drawing and creating things. Hell, I love the FUCK out of it. But the problem is that sometimes I have too many ideas and little worlds squabbling in my head to be the front runner that I draw OMG-RIGHT-THE-HELL-NOW. Which leads to the artists equivalent of bottleneck traffic.

And that's why I've failed to update every day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sweet crappin' crap! You folks recal that little logo I posted a couple days back? Well I sure as shootin' got paid for. I got paid the BIG MONEY.

And what did I do with that money, you ask? Well after buying groceries of actual healthy value (fuckin' fresh fruit and veg cost a MINT in this town...) I acquired an external disc drive, because the brain-trusts behind the HP Touchsmart figured it didn't need one. Fuckers.

So now, NOW I can finally install Manga Studio on this bitch! I've only had the thing for nearly a YEAR. christ. I cannot wait to try it out properly at last. This is gonna lead to some fun-fun stuff in the art department. Hells yes.

Now I'mma dance some more.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Eightstar Sketch: Void

Another day another doodle. And today, ladies and gents, we have another peek at one of the peoples of the Eightstar. Today's featured peoples are...

Aren't they shiny? We're coming up on the weekend now, and apparently the home town is due to be boot-stomped by our third blizzard in a week-ish, so I'm thinking I'll have the time to put together something nice and actually polished.


Gotta stop last-minute blogging.

Technically... it's Friday. But just barely, and I haven't gone to bed yet so this still counts as a Thursday blog post dammit!

Alright then... didn't really draw anything new today, but I've found a lot of oldish but still good things on my hard drive that are worth tossing up somewhere, so... INCOMING PICSPAM!

A... Possessed Goth-Loli of some sort? I dunno.

Drew this while watching Constantine. Kinda shows.

This lady is the star of a short story that I should revive sometime.

Here we have a sketch of a half-snake contortionist mocking a Tauren grunt worker. This was relevant to something. I just forget what exactly. 

Random details for a random character.

Parrot boy! Lookit his plumage!

Sometimes I paint shit. This one was painted for the director of the local production of "Redwall" I was in.

Some kinda ninja fox? Looks kickass anyway.

Hey it's that snake lady again! It was some kind of super-freaky sideshow circus thing. I'm sure I'll recall all the details at some random time. 

Doodled while watching my brother play one of the many Final Fantasy games. Definitely shows.

This was going to be some kind of tinker creature... never got around to polishing the concept.

Feral poison demon. HUG HIM!

It took WAY too long to draw the frames for this tiny bit of animation. That shit be complicated, yo.

Some are super old... some are kinda new. I think they're all worth showing off.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Makin' Logos!

Alright, so, posting under the wire of Wednesday to keep my challenge to myself successful at least for a day or two...

As promised in the previous post, I have a shiny logo to share. It's been given the go ahead, which rocks my socks to their happy little core.

Behold it's glory!

I am extra high levels of stupid proud of this thing. It's sleek, it's professional... and an honest to Jeebus organisation wants it to show off to all! HELLLLLLLL YES!

 It just fills me with GLEE!


Why yes, that picspam IS a horrible pun in this context. I like puns. I'm allowed.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eightstar Sketch: Air

Hello folks! Welcome to the first official "Something every damn day" post. Have a silly hat!

You WILL have a silly hat.

Annnywho... Today we also have a first in that this is the first publicly shared glimpse into the world of The Eightstar. I find sketching out my thoughts on a potential character/race helps my wheels turn about deeper details, so I tend to take notes on the side as I draw. As I don't feel like submitting you to my sloppy-ass jot-notes, said notes have been typed up more coherently on the scanned image.

With that said, enjoy this doodle:

Also today I worked on finalising a swank little logo for one of the local University's official resource centres. I'll be presenting it to committee tomorrow and posting pics once they've given a yae or nay, so tune in for that! It'll be shiny!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Existence Fail

Hooooooly shit I haven't written since last YEAR. Hoo-ray.

Okay... so... Hi. I'm still alive. I'm still doing stuff. I'm just failing at updating my stuff in any kind of publicly visible fashion. Blarghle.

Been stretching those artistic legs again. A lot of my gifts for others this Christmas were made on the cheap... one of which reminded me how much I enjoy a bit of painting.

Is nice, yes? I think so...

I'm pondering challenging myself to work on art every day from here on this year. Posting SOMETHING to the blog every day as well, even if it's just a half-finished doodle. (Fuck you, January 1st, I'll make my resolutions when I FEEL like it, bitch.)

I have actually been sketching more lately, and getting some really good brain-babies when it comes to fleshing out my eight element world, which I will henceforth refer to as Eightstar. If you think that is a cheesey fantasy-nerd name for a setting, well... don't care.

Cheers, lovelies.
Hope to post again tomorrow.