Sunday, April 1, 2012

Because I'm a Crazy Person, That's Why.

So... it's April first, and no I do not observe April Fool's. In fact, unless your prank of the day has been harmless and clever, such as Google Maps going 8-bit and Deviantart flooding it's website with cat propaganda... then fuck your prank. Fuck it in the ear with a chainsaw. Upsetting pranks are for douche nozzles. Don't be a douche nozzle.

Mooooooving right along, I am officially a crazy loon. In spite of last years epic fail, I am once again throwing my hat into the break-neck paced ring of Scriptfrenzy. Why beat my head against the same wall again you ask? Because I have a plan. A sneaky plan. A sneaky plan to bring redemption to the weeaboo shaped stain of pure concentrated AWKWARD I dropped on the internet back in high school.

Click here to witness my shame. SSSSSHHHHHAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!

All this month I'm gonna strip that old sucker down, junk the bad parts, polish the good parts, and make something actually readable out of it.

Wish me luck folks!


  1. We the people shall watch and cheer with great interest!

  2. Happy Birthday ImmodestLady!