Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eightstar Sketch: Air

Hello folks! Welcome to the first official "Something every damn day" post. Have a silly hat!

You WILL have a silly hat.

Annnywho... Today we also have a first in that this is the first publicly shared glimpse into the world of The Eightstar. I find sketching out my thoughts on a potential character/race helps my wheels turn about deeper details, so I tend to take notes on the side as I draw. As I don't feel like submitting you to my sloppy-ass jot-notes, said notes have been typed up more coherently on the scanned image.

With that said, enjoy this doodle:

Also today I worked on finalising a swank little logo for one of the local University's official resource centres. I'll be presenting it to committee tomorrow and posting pics once they've given a yae or nay, so tune in for that! It'll be shiny!


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