Friday, February 3, 2012

Gotta stop last-minute blogging.

Technically... it's Friday. But just barely, and I haven't gone to bed yet so this still counts as a Thursday blog post dammit!

Alright then... didn't really draw anything new today, but I've found a lot of oldish but still good things on my hard drive that are worth tossing up somewhere, so... INCOMING PICSPAM!

A... Possessed Goth-Loli of some sort? I dunno.

Drew this while watching Constantine. Kinda shows.

This lady is the star of a short story that I should revive sometime.

Here we have a sketch of a half-snake contortionist mocking a Tauren grunt worker. This was relevant to something. I just forget what exactly. 

Random details for a random character.

Parrot boy! Lookit his plumage!

Sometimes I paint shit. This one was painted for the director of the local production of "Redwall" I was in.

Some kinda ninja fox? Looks kickass anyway.

Hey it's that snake lady again! It was some kind of super-freaky sideshow circus thing. I'm sure I'll recall all the details at some random time. 

Doodled while watching my brother play one of the many Final Fantasy games. Definitely shows.

This was going to be some kind of tinker creature... never got around to polishing the concept.

Feral poison demon. HUG HIM!

It took WAY too long to draw the frames for this tiny bit of animation. That shit be complicated, yo.

Some are super old... some are kinda new. I think they're all worth showing off.


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