Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice and Other Awesome Things

Good morning, Oak King, how's day one of your round in the world's life-cycle? Mind if I join you in celebratory rebirth and merriment? Awesome.

We had a small gathering of dear friends over last night to observe the Solstice and generally enjoy each other's company. It was truly lovely. The energy in the room was wonderful and the potluck that followed the circle was delish! Pasta with home-made marinara sauce... partridge-berry cobbler... om-nom-nom :)

Until this year, my love and I have been rather lax little pagans. A common phrase in our household was "It's Solstice(or Equinox etc.) we should care..." then we'd shrug and continue on as if normal. New friends we've made this year, however, have drawn us out into a more active celebration of faith and the energies around us. Last night's circle just felt... right. My love and I cuddled together, joined the group in a visualization for the coming light and positive influence it could bring to our lives. There was singing and laughter and no matter how loud the wind howled outside (and boy did it ever howl) it never ceased being warm and safe and cozy in our little space.

After Circle everyone just lounged about, enjoying good food and good company. Two lovely ladies who are swiftly becoming our most favorite people in the universe, stayed later than the others as we were all grooving on the conversation and relaxed mood. So content were we four sharing each others energy and space, that a quarter past twelve snuck right up on us without any trouble.

It was glorious. :)

Christmas is making it's way towards us and I'm beyond excited. why? Because for the first time in the history of ever, my Princess and I will spend our Christmas Eve and Morning together, under the roof, our roof. We will curl up together on one of the year's most festive nights and wake together to exchange a few small presents and just... be. every year previous we have spent the Eve night and most of the day after at our respective family homes. Which is all well and good and such, but it's time to make the day ours. time to bring the holiday into our space. I am so happy and excited for this I have no words to describe the feeling. :)

In continuing news of fun things that make me feel accomplished and proud... I apparently have a general air of respect/knowledge/something in our local BDSM group ^_^ I've been nominated onto a committee and contacted by other members for advice. Squee! People think I'm cool! :D

Now... to plan how to pull my academic career out of the crapper and become an employable adult! Wish me luck! I'm off to kick ass and chew gum! And I sure ain't packin' much gum :P

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