Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Festive times and countdowns to AWESOME :D

Various seasons greetings to all and sundry! Hope that the holiday times have some nice helpings of joy and good cheer amongst the hectic and holy-crap ;)

Christmas this year has been wonderful to my Princess and I. The family cheer was abundant and, miracle of miracles, my mother was inclusive up to the point of having a small gift and stocking for Princess to open when she joined us Christmas morning. It blew our MINDS.

Mother's previous track record when it comes to our five-year and growing relationship has been... poor. Steeped in denial and passive aggression. With the occasional rip-your-hair-out-frustrating stint of blaming my beloved for anything that might be amiss in my life.

So to have her suddenly being kind to this amazing degree? It's just... mind boggling. We spent the whole day at the parental's house and not once did mom do anything that made either of us feel awkward or upset. It truly was a Christmas miracle.

In other delightful news we're getting closer every day to an trip that promises to be amazing! Orlando Blogger retreat! Wooooooo! ^_^ We get to meet all kinds of awesome ladies who we've only known through their blogs before and just rock out and bond and have a kickin' good time. The excitement level is climbing high as we draw close. I can't wait.

Not only is the idea of such a fantastic retreat brilliant to me, but neither Princess nor myself have ever been to the states before in our lives. And we'll be sharing a villa with a dear dear friend from Georgia who I will hug for HOURS when I finally see her. :D *bounces with excitement*

Life is pretty awesome right now, folks. I hope yours are rocking as hard as mine.

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