Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is why we can't have nice things

A friend tweeted a link to this Fox Boston article, where parents of a transgendered child fall under rather a lot of criticism. A little in the article. A LOT in the comments.

Go ahead, take a moment, browse through the sludge of humanity. I'll wait.


Back? Okay.

WHAT THE SWEET MERCIFUL FUCK?? Are we seriously still this backward as a society of sentient beings? They aren't even saying "We're going to make our 11 year-old a girl now." They're buying him time to sort it all out and be sure. They're giving him the best way they can think of to be sure if this is the right thing for him before doing anything permanent. In response to this we scream "abuse"? And "This is why Lesbians shouldn't have kids"?

Excuse me while I sum this rant up with a meme:

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