Thursday, March 31, 2011

Existing, World Building, and other Sports

Hey Internet Land! How the hell are ya?

A shiny random meeting on the busy streets of social networking happened to remind me that I have a blog, and said blog is gathering dust. So here we are! *Exists*

Time has been marching along regardless of my getting off my ass and joining in or not, though I do get off my ass on occasion :P

Our happy home has a new addition in the form of roughly 30 ounces of pure feathery biteyness. In proper nerd tradition, he has been named to match our current naming theme. In a house where the wireless network is identified as 'Dunsinane' and the beloved cat is MacBeth, we now happily introduce...

(Pictured here giving serious thought to biting someone's face)

He's a tiny breed of parrot who will remain tiny all his many days, while thinking he's huge and behaving to match. Cute little fucker... Loves him yes I do.

In other news, I'm stretching my creative muscles in a few ways over the next while. Firstly I've been poking at defining and detailing a high-fantasy setting that's been itching my brain some ages. Based off a concept of an eight-point elemental compass designed thusly:

Featuring the basic Earth, Air, Fire, Water combo as well as the addition of Void, Light, Chaos, and Darkness. As I build more details and back-story I'll post snippets here to share.

Creativity stretch number two starts this Friday when I join many other crazy people in taking a crack at Script Frenzy. A challenge from the fine people who brought you NaNoWriMo, Script Frenzy is an attempt to write a 100 page script within the month of April. Woo! Time to roll up my sleeves and type like a mother fucker! Wheeee!

Wish me luck folks!

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  1. I heart that compass. And yes, best of luck on the Script Writing!